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4 Useful RV Park Laundromat Equipment Features

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Adding a laundromat to your RV park has some benefits. Your park will attract more visitors if it has laundry facilities. You can also make extra money from your washers and dryers. However, creating a laundromat in your park needs careful thought. This isn't a regular laundromat environment. Read on to learn about key features you might find useful as you start to look at machines.

1. Hard Mountings

Commercial laundromat machines can be hard or soft-mounted. If you're building a laundry block in a remote area where you might not be on-site all the time, then hard-mounted machines might be a better option. These washers and dryers are bolted to their floors. They are harder to steal. If someone wanted to haul away a machine, they would have to unbolt it.

Plus, hard-mounted laundry machines are typically cheaper to buy and maintain. Their bolted position gives them shock absorbency. They don't need internal shock absorbers and have fewer parts, so they break down less.

2. Cashless Payments

While you can buy commercial laundromat machines that take cash, this isn't the best option for an unmanned laundromat. The cash that builds up in your machines can attract thieves looking for easy money. They might steal your cash and damage your machines in the process.

If you install machines that take cashless payments, then you won't store any money on your site. You take remote payments by debit/credit cards or apps.

3. Remote Monitoring Systems

People will get frustrated if your washers and dryers don't work. Your income reduces if machines break down frequently. However, if you aren't on site all the time, then you might not know when a machine has a problem.

You can buy machines with remote monitoring. For example, some machines link to an online dashboard or a smartphone app. These systems give you automated alerts if a machine has a problem. You can monitor your machines without needing to be in your park. You can arrange faster repairs. Your washers and dryers will be available more of the time. Your customer service improves, and you'll make more money from your machines.

4. Higher Load Capacities

The people who stay at your park won't want to have to pay for and use multiple machines to do all their laundry. They won't want to wait to use a machine because another camper is using multiple machines.

If you buy machines with higher load capacities, then people save money on their laundry costs. They won't need to use multiple machines at the same time, so more people can use your facilities when they need to.

To get started, contact RV park commercial laundry equipment suppliers or manufacturers.