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Features To Look For When Buying 5-Gallon Plastic Buckets

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A 5-gallon plastic bucket has many uses in a commercial or industrial setting. The buckets can be used to store small parts or as containers for products you produce. Plastic buckets last a long time, and five gallons is a good size for holding liquids and small items. It's big enough to hold a lot, but not so big that the bucket is too heavy to carry. Here are some features to look for when ordering 5-gallon plastic buckets.

Lids Are Often Sold Separately

Be sure to buy lids if you need them. They're often sold separately from the buckets, and you'll want to look for lids that match. You'll definitely need lids if you're using buckets for packaging, but you'll also want lids for buckets you use for storage. Lids keep out pests and make it possible to stack the buckets on top of each other. You can buy round 5-gallon plastic buckets or square ones, and both can stack so your storage area stays neat and organized.

Handles Are Needed For Buckets

A 5-gallon bucket needs a handle so you can carry it easily. A heavy bucket is difficult to carry otherwise. Smaller buckets often have plastic handles, but you'll probably want a galvanized metal handle for a 5-gallon plastic bucket since these can be heavy. Look for a handle that has a comfortable grasp attachment on top so your employees can handle the buckets all day without hurting their hands from lifting with a thick metal wire.

Materials Differ For Your Needs

These buckets are made from different types of plastic, so you'll need to choose the right material for the job. If you're packing in food items, you want food-grade 5-gallon plastic buckets. If you're using the buckets for industrial materials, you may want high-density polyethylene plastic. You can buy plastic buckets that are BPA-free. In addition to choosing the right type of plastic for the job, you'll probably want buckets that have uniform wall thickness and rings around the top so they hold their shape and stack well. A slightly tapered shape is also important so the buckets don't get stuck together.

You can also buy 5-gallon plastic buckets in different colors, although white is a popular color, especially for food products. In addition, you may want white so you can apply your own labels to them if you're using the buckets as packaging for the products you make. You'll find 5-gallon plastic buckets to be useful for many things around a factory or commercial building.