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Here's What You Should Consider When Buying Wholesale Corrugated Cardboard Packaging

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When choosing packaging materials for your business, corrugated cardboards are one of the options to consider. They're a popular choice for businesses that require large quantities of packaging materials due to their durability, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. However, before purchasing corrugated cardboard, there are factors you should consider to ensure you get the best value for your money. This piece provides vital factors to consider when choosing corrugated cardboard. 

Strength and Durability

Durability and strength are crucial factors when choosing corrugated cardboard for your business. The material you choose should be able to handle business products' and serve for a long time without any damage. That minimizes losses and increases saving on business expenses. Corrugated packaging involves multiple layers of paper, which provides strength and stability to the packaging. When analyzing strength and durability, consider the type of board used, the flute size, and the number of layers. A good rule of thumb is to choose packaging that can support additional weight to the actual weight of your products. 

Size and Shape 

Size and shape are other vital factors to look out for when choosing corrugated packaging cardboards. If you get them wrong, you won't be able to package your items properly, increasing the likelihood of damage. One way to ensure you pick the right shape and size of corrugated packaging cardboard is by measuring the product accurately and choosing packaging that is slightly larger than the product to provide ample protection during shipping. However, you should also avoid picking extremely large cardboards than your products, which could attract higher shipping costs and increase operational expenses. Compact and made-to-fit materials are ideal for delicate materials that can easily break due to movement and vibrations during transportation.

Printing and Branding

When purchasing corrugated packaging cardboard, you can settle for a printed and branded one or leave it blank. A printed or branded material contains logos and product information. It's the ideal choice if you want to create a professional image and enhance the product's perceived value. On the other hand, blank and unbranded corrugated packaging cards are a cost-effective option if you're handling goods that don't require advertising. For example, branding may be unnecessary for business-to-business (B2B) transactions with parties you've been dealing with for a long time. That saves you some money on your packaging expenses. 

The Bottom Line

When purchasing wholesale corrugated packaging cardboard, you should consider strength and durability, shapes and sizes, and a business's printing and branding needs. That helps you choose the right packaging materials to save costs and protect your business products. Contact a professional wholesale corrugated packaging cardboard distributor for more information about the materials and help choose the most suitable for your needs.