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Why Use VNA Pallet Racking?

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If you want to buy warehouse pallet racks, then you need to find the right system for your space. If your warehouse is relatively small or if you think that your racking needs are likely to increase in the near future, then you should consider installing a very-narrow-aisle (VNA) system.

How do VNA systems work? What are their advantages? 

How Do VNA Pallet Racks Work?

The pallet racks in a VNA system work like regular adjustable racks. For example, you can change their height, weight-bearing capacity, and general configuration to suit your storage needs whenever you wish. This system doesn't look too different from traditional systems.

However, a VNA pallet racking system has narrower aisles between each rack. The gap between two racks is much smaller than the norm. This means that you can't use a regular forklift to access racks through an aisle because it won't fit. You use special machines with a slimmer profile. Often, your system will come with tracks or guidance systems in each aisle to help drivers control their machines when they pick up or store items.

What Are the Benefits of Installing VNA Pallet Rack Systems?

The number of products or supplies you can store in your warehouse depends on the type and number of pallet racks you can fit in the space. Traditionally, adjustable pallet racks have relatively wide aisles to give both pedestrian and forklift access. Some even have double-width aisles so that two forklifts can work in the space at the same time.

While you need aisle access to get to your racks, it does take up space in the building. You have to factor in both aisle and racking space when you design your build. If you have a lot of wide aisles, then you lose potential storage space. So, you might not be able to install as many racks as you need. If you can't store all your products or supplies, then you might be looking for ways to get more warehouse space. Extending the building or moving to a new one will be expensive.

VNA systems give you all the advantages of regular racks; however, they reduce the amount of space you have to allocate to aisles in the system. You can install all the aisles you need without sacrificing rack space. You can fit more racks in a smaller space. So, your storage capacity increases. Plus, the costs of installing the system and buying suitable forklifts should save you money compared to building or relocation costs.

For more information, contact pallet rack suppliers and ask about how to buy warehouse pallet racks.