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Maintenance Suggestions For High-Power Diode Lasers

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Diode lasers are very practical laser options because of their high-power capabilities. If you have some or are planning to invest in some for different applications, here are some maintenance tips that can help you enjoy their high-power strength for a long time.

Use Clean Gloves When Handling Diode Laser

High-power diode lasers are very capable, but they do have a lot of sensitive parts that you need to be wary of when handling and moving them. The front facet is particularly sensitive and needs to stay clear of any possible contaminants. You'll manage this task just fine by wearing sterile gloves when handling this laser equipment.

The gloves should be germ and contaminant-free to ensure no parts on the diode laser become impacted. You can use disposable gloves to certify sterile handling procedures since you're using a new pair of gloves each time you have to touch or move diode lasers.

Make Sure a Heatsink Is Installed

A high-power diode laser will generate a lot of heat, and that heat needs to be accounted for. Otherwise, surrounding components are going to wear down quickly and then lead to an expensive replacement. One device you'll want to set up to account for heat is a heatsink.

It's a special structure with dividers that allows heat to dissipate more effectively when a high-power diode laser runs. Heat won't be able to build up around any area of the diode laser, keeping it protected and long-lasting. 

Keep Diode Laser Dry

If you wish for your high-powered diode laser to work great for years, then you need to be careful with the environments you use it around. Humidity is one of the most important things to account for because too much of it could cause damage to the optical coatings. Then your diode lasers wouldn't work. 

Make sure you have measures for keeping this diode laser dry at all times, whether you're removing packaging from the diode laser for the first time or moving it to another site where this laser technology is needed. Dry diode lasers will perform better for longer.

If you have a diode laser with a high-powered design, then you want to protect this technology since it does cost money. You have a lot of solutions from a maintenance standpoint. Just find out what special requirements your diode lasers have and then keep up with maintenance as best you can.

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