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Why You Should Use Rubber For Your Stopping Or Plugging Needs

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Do you do any kind of work that requires you to seal off liquids or air from your materials either during a production process or when putting materials or mixtures into storage? If so, you are likely going to want to invest in some stoppers or plugs that can be used to provide the seal you need. Stoppers today can be created from a variety of different materials, but there are multiple reasons why rubber remains a popular material when designing any kind of custom rubber stopper. Here's why you should reach out to a custom stopper manufacturer or supplier near you today.

Rubber Is Easy and Inexpensive to Customize

Rubber is relatively easy to customize as it is a very pliable and flexible material. If you have specific dimensions that require a unique stopper size, it will be less expensive to order a custom design when using rubber as the material. This will allow you to customize without adding a significant amount of additional expense to your bottom line or allow you to order more stoppers and plugs than you otherwise would.

Rubber Can Provide a Full Seal That Stops Air and Liquid

Are you looking to design some custom stoppers in order to keep liquids inside of glass vials or any other kind of glass tubing? If so, it might be critically important to make sure that no airborne contaminants can make it into the test tubes. A rubber stopper can provide not just a seal for the liquid inside the vial or tube but also an airtight seal that will keep the tube completely sealed off from the outside. Rubber stoppers simply give you better peace of mind because you'll have full confidence that whatever is in the glass vial or tube will remain secure and fully sealed until you are ready to pull the stopper out and get back to work.

Rubber Is Durable and Still Works as Intended at Varying Temperatures

Rubber is also a popular material for stoppers because it's something that will last through many uses or a period of many years without you having to worry about ordering replacements. Rubber is simply a very durable material that can stand up well to a wide variety of different liquids and substances without sustaining any damage. Rubber will also retain its durability even if it comes into contact with a wide range of different temperatures, allowing you to use your stoppers to stop the flow or properly secure both hot and freezing cold liquids without worrying about shortening the lifespan of the stoppers.

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