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When Companies Should Schedule Burner Tune-Ups

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A professional tune-up can do a lot of great things for an industrial burner, such as get rid of debris to keep components working great and improve the overall safety of this heating system. Here are situations when carrying out this tune-up service is really important.

You Want to Take Advantage of Preventative Maintenance

You don't have to just rely on tune-ups when you think something is wrong with your industrial burner. You can schedule them when you want to take advantage of preventative maintenance well before problems surface.

Tune-up professionals will focus on the most important aspects of your burner, like the ignition area, burner tiles, and gate valves. It's smart to have this preventative maintenance performed because you'll continuously restore the industrial burner back to optimal functioning and keep expensive problems at bay for a pretty long time if the tune-up is thorough enough.

Cleaning Hasn't Been Performed in a Long Time

Cleaning may seem like a simple maintenance step for industrial burners, but it's one of the most impactful for allowing parts to work efficiently and without failure. If it has been months since your industrial burner was cleaned, then you should schedule a tune-up.

A professional cleaning crew will go in and remove all kinds of things that have built up on the burner's components. If there are parts that are too dirty and can't be reused, they can replace these parts so that you don't have to later.

You Are Having a Major Repair Performed

If a major repair is being performed on an industrial burner, it's going to be out of commission for some time. You might as well have the system professionally tuned up in addition to being repaired. Then once the repair is complete, you'll get even better performance from your burner

That's also going to help you reduce the occurrence of major problems. Just make sure the tune-up company you hire coordinates with the repair team if you're going with separate parties. Then you won't have delays or disputes. Or you could just have the repair and tune-up performed by the same company if the tune-up company has the appropriate repair technicians. 

Some situations may come up that make it important to have an industrial burner tuned up by a company that offers these care services. If you're able to respond with these services at just the right times, you won't have to worry about burner issues as much. Contact a company that offers burner services to learn more.