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Maintenance Guide For Hydraulic Cylinder Seals

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If you have hydraulic cylinders on some of your machinery, there will also be hydraulic seals. They need to be maintained correctly in order to keep the cylinders working great. You'll find these steps particularly helpful when it comes to keeping hydraulic cylinder seals in working order.

Get a Compatible Set From the Beginning

If you don't set up the right seals on hydraulic cylinders, then it won't matter that much what maintenance steps you perform. They will be set up for failure, especially when it comes to possible leaking. That's why a good precautionary maintenance step to perform is making sure the selected seals are specifically intended for your hydraulic cylinders.

Then the installation won't give you trouble and performance will go like it's supposed to. Even if it takes you hours of research and professional consultation, ensuring a compatible seal selection is pivotal in having an easier time with this component's maintenance. 

Try to Keep Hardening From Happening

The reason why hydraulic cylinder seals are so effective in their role is the fact that they are made from soft materials. This softness is essential to the seals functioning properly. If you let the seals harden, there is a high probability that they will crack. Then you might not be able to repair the seal and instead will have to find a potentially costly replacement.

Make a strong attempt to keep hardening from ever happening, which requires you to keep temperatures in the right range. Monitor the hydraulic cylinders to ensure they're not working harder than they should. If they do, then you may need to intervene and adjust some parameters so that your seals last a lot longer.

Be Aware of Contamination

Another thing you don't want happening to your hydraulic cylinders' seals is for them to become contaminated. If they become contaminated with things like dirt, they won't work like they're supposed to and they certainly won't last that long.

If you're aware of contamination from the beginning, it will be a lot easier to prevent it from affecting the cylinders or seals on them. Being careful with how you work around these components is a good way to prevent contamination.

If you have a goal of maintaining hydraulic cylinder seals correctly in order to make sure that you get the most out of them, find out what steps are effective and possible for you to carry out routinely.