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Why Gas Turbine Inlet Silencers Are Pivotal

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Gas turbines can make quite a bit of noise, which can lead to a lot of issues around a work environment. That's why gas turbine inlet silencer systems were invented. Purchasing them is important for several reasons in particular.

Prevent Hearing Damage

Some gas turbines are so loud that if workers were close to them while they were active, significant hearing damage can result. That poses a lot of health issues for work sites that utilize gas turbine engines regularly each day.

If you invest the money in a gas turbine inlet silencer, you can drastically reduce the sound produced by these turbines to the point where hearing damage no longer has to be a concern. You can run the gas turbines at full power not having to worry about putting your workers in a precarious situation that risks their health.

Avoid Regulatory Complications

Keeping a safe work environment for your employees is important, but it's also legally required. Organizations spend day and night ensuring worksites are as safe as possible so that workers don't have to fear getting injured.

If your worksite has a gas turbine, then you need to be proactive and go ahead and get an inlet silencer. It shows that you're not taking any chances with the sound level of your gas turbines. That will be huge in avoiding a lot of regulatory complications, which can be lengthy and cost you a pretty penny long-term. 

Help Workers Enjoy Their Surroundings More

If you had employees show up to a worksite where a gas turbine constantly ran without a silencer, then their overall satisfaction levels probably won't be that high. They would be surrounded by loud noises for extended sessions and a high job turnover probably would result.

When you just put silencers on all of your gas turbines, then excessive noise will be a non-issue. Employees can work around the turbines without being disturbed at all. They may not even have to wear specialized equipment like protective ear muffs when around these large and powerful machines. Worker morale can then go up in no time.

A lot of gas turbines today make quite a bit of noise. If it's becoming too much, then a smart counter-measure is buying inlet filters that are specifically designed for your turbines. Noise will be reduced in an effective manner, leading to fewer accidents, stress, and regulatory penalties over the years.