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The Purposes Of Using A Grinding Wheel Dresser On Grinding Wheels

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Grinding wheels are essential for cutting, smoothing and sharpening industrial materials like sheet metal. To ensure their usefulness, you need to clean, polish and sharpen them often. A grinding wheel dresser serves multiple purposes that are vital to maintaining your business's grinding wheels.

Truing the Wheel

A diamond wheel dresser is essential for a process known as truing the wheel. Truing the wheel involves returning a grinding wheel back to its original round shape. After so many uses, the wheel can lose its roundness and become misshapen. 

Once the wheel loses its shape, it can vibrate when you use it. A grinding wheel dresser will clean its edges and work out noticeable dents and dings. It will make the grinding wheel smooth and round again, ensuring that it does not vibrate the next time that you have to use it.

Exposing Fresh Abrasive Surfaces

The abrasive surface of a grinding wheel contains hundreds of individual sharp particles that serve as cutting tools. After so many uses, these tools become dull. They can no longer effectively sharpen, shape or smooth surfaces of materials on which they are used.

To restore the grinding wheel's usefulness, you need to freshen or expose its abrasive surface. You can use a diamond wheel dresser to sharpen the particles on the wheel's surface and expose its abrasiveness. You will know that you have freshened its abrasive surface if it has a reflective appearance when it spins. 

Cleaning the Grinding Wheel

A grinding wheel dresser is an essential tool for cleaning grinding wheels. Grinding wheels inevitably pickup and retain debris from materials on which they are used. You cannot simply get the grinding wheels wet or wipe them off to get rid of this debris.

Instead, you need to use a wheel dresser to clean the grinding wheel's surface. You will know that it is cleaned and ready to use again when the grains on the surface are rounded. 

The grinding wheels that you use in your business are vital to your ability cut, sharpen and smooth a variety of industrial materials.You need to keep them in the best condition possible to maintain their usefulness. To treat their surfaces and keep them sharp and ready to use, you can use a diamond wheel dresser. The grinding wheel dresser serves important purposes like truing the wheel, sharpening its abrasive surface and getting rid of dust, residue and particles.