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Four Benefits Fiberglass Scaffolding Has Over Steel And Wood

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If you are looking at scaffolding rentals for your next major remodeling project, you have options. Steel scaffolding looks to be one of the strongest and best options if you are a "big and tall" sort of person, and wood scaffolding is a good option if you want to get as close to a structure as possible without scraping or scratching it. However, there is a third option when it comes to renting scaffolding, and this one definitely has some benefits over steel scaffolding. It is fiberglass scaffolding, and here are the benefits it has over steel scaffolding when you are looking to rent this equipment. 

It Is Easier to Transport

Fiberglass scaffolding is far easier to transport because it is lightweight and breaks down into several pipes of varying lengths that all fit into the back of a pickup truck. It does not have the density or weight that steel scaffolding does, which tends to weigh down a truck and is more complicated to break down and carry. You can easily lift, carry, tote, and haul fiberglass scaffolding without breaking a sweat. 

It Will Not Conduct Electricity

If you are using this scaffolding to fix ceiling lights in a cathedral ceiling in your home, or more literally, a cathedral ceiling, you want to be sure that you and your rented scaffolding are not electrical conduits. Because fiberglass will not conduct electricity, It is ideal for use around cables and wires when you are doing electrical projects. You definitely cannot say the same of steel scaffolding, which would act like a giant magnet for electricity. 

Fiberglass Is Equally as Strong as Steel

In the realm of scaffolding, fiberglass is as strong as steel, especially when you use the cross-support bars during the erection of the scaffolding. If you are worried about it supporting your weight and/or the weight of supplies, read the warning labels on each scaffolding pole and then construct it accordingly. You will find that fiberglass really does hold up well, regardless of the weight you place on each platform and the strain on each bar/pole.

It (Sometimes) Costs Less to Rent the Fiberglass

It may seem odd, but sometimes equipment rental stores will charge less to rent out the fiberglass scaffolding than to rent the steel scaffolding. It would seem that some contractors have a preference for the steel variety, and therefore avoid renting the fiberglass stuff. That is a benefit to you because now it not only is available for you to rent, but also less expensive than you had planned. 

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