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Learn How to Add Rubber Grommets to a Dresser You Are Converting into an Entertainment Center

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Repurposing furniture has become very popular recently. If you are someone who has decided that you would like to try to turn an old dresser into an entertainment center, it is important to order rubber grommets to use in the back of the dresser. The rubber grommets will allow wires to pass through the back of the dresser without the wires becoming frayed. The guide below walks you through the process for choosing the right grommets to use for the job.

Determine How Many Holes You Plan to Create

You first need to decide how many holes you plan to create in the back of the dresser. You need for all of the wires to the electronics to be able to go through the back of the dresser so that they cannot be seen.

Determine How Large the Holes Will Be

Next, you need to decide how large the holes that you plan to create will be. You need to be sure that they are at least wide enough for the end of a plug to be able to fit through them. Use a spade bit to create the holes in the back of the dresser where you want them to be placed.

Determine How Deep the Holes Are

The grommets that you will be using to make the edges of the holes as smooth as they can be are available in varying sizes. You want to be sure to measure the inside of the hole from the inside of the dresser to the outside to determine how wide the wood is.

Purchase the Rubber Grommets

When you go to buy the grommets, you need to be sure that you select ones that are large enough to suit the holes that you have created. Grommets are available in many different colors, so choose a color that will complement the color of the entertainment center you are creating.

Attach the Grommets

Once the rubber grommets arrive, look closely at them. There will be two pieces that are pushed together. Pull the pieces apart, and place one side of the grommet within the hole on the inner side of the back of the dresser and one in the hole on the outer side of the dresser. Push the two pieces together until they are secure. Repeat the process for the other holes in the dresser.

When you are done, you can feed the cords through the holes. You do not have to worry about them snagging or fraying because the rubber will keep the wood away from the cords.