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Lumber Harvesting Methods

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Lumber is an important industry that provides materials to building supply companies like Henning Building Supply Co Inc. Since the process of harvesting lumber can differ, organizations like the EPA regulate lumber companies to ensure that they're harvesting trees in the best way to keep the environment protected. Whether it is a federal or private woodland, certain methods and rules must be followed in order to protect natural habitats. Here are some of the most common ways lumber is harvested, and the differences between them.

Clearcutting Method

The process of clearcutting involves removing all of the trees in an area at one time. This method is controversial because it cuts down a quantity of trees and can prevent natural reforestation. On the other hand, this method can be helpful for certain species of trees that don't grow well while under the shade of other trees. It is also good when used to cut down an area of diseased or dying trees in order to keep the disease from spreading to healthy trees.

Seedtree Method

The seedtree lumber harvesting method involves selective removal of older or more mature trees. The reason for this is to provide a source of seeds for new trees to grow. By using this method, new room is made for younger trees. The harvester carefully selects seed trees to help assure that the new trees grow strong and in large numbers.

Shelterwood Method

This particular lumber harvesting method selectively removes specific trees to help establish new tree growth underneath a canopy or other trees' foliage. Larger, taller trees stay intact in order to provide shade and shelter to new trees. This can help the young trees stay protected and helps them grow to become healthy new areas of forestation.

Group Selection Method

The group selection method harvests older trees and thins out some slightly younger trees in intervals. This method is done repetitively to encourage natural regrowth and helps reestablish a group of trees that are mixed in age. This is a good method to use for areas with a high wildlife population, because it allows the animals to live and thrive in an environment where they are accustomed to living among older trees. Each of these lumber harvesting methods are done with the preservation of the natural environment and trees in mind so that future generations and wildlife can continue to thrive without causing harm that cannot be undone.