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A Couple of Tips to Minimize Pests around Your Dumpster

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Your home's dumpster will be a constant target for many different pests. Whether it is animals spreading trash around our yard or dealing with a major insect infestation, it is important for you to have a pest management strategy when it comes to your dumpster. Sadly, there are many people that will not consider this until pests become a problem, but you can avoid this hassle by proactive taking these actions to reduce this threat to your dumpster. 

Keep Your Dumpster on Concrete or Asphalt

Many homeowners fail to appreciate the importance of keeping their dumpsters on concrete or asphalt. However, there are many different animals that can burrow under your dumpster, and this will provide them with easy access to it. 

Sadly, there are some people that lack areas in their yards that are suitably paved, but this does not mean that they have to expose their dumpsters to a higher risk of being vandalized by pests. If your yard lacks a paved area to place your dumpster, you may be able to achieve the same benefit by placing a thick sheet of rubber on the ground around the dumpster. Yet, you will need to inspect this pad on a regular basis to make sure that pests have not chewed through it. 

Use Ammonia and Mothballs to Deter Pests

Unfortunately, there will always be a chance that some pest is able to make it through your defense to reach the trash inside your dumpster. Once here, it is possible for these pests to spread the garbage around your yard, which can lead to a serious and foul mess to clean up. 

It is relatively simple to discourage pests from attempting to get into your garbage bags. You can simply pour a very small amount of ammonia into the garbage bag before you place it in the dumpster. The smell of the ammonia will drive away or kill any pests that open your trash bags, and if any vermin brave the odor to consume the trash, they will likely be killed. 

Keeping your home's dumpster in good condition is essential for having effectively managing your home's trash production. However, some homeowners will find that their dumpsters are an irresistible target for a variety of pests. Understanding the benefits of preventing pests from tunneling under the dumpster and that ammonia can help stop these pests from ever messing with your trash bags should help you to keep the disruptions and nuisances caused by these creatures to an absolute minimum. For assistance, talk to a dumpster rental professional.