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Pros And Cons Of Three Types Of Temporary Boilers

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In an emergency situation where, for whatever reason, your company has a deluge of work that your boilers can't keep up with, a temporary boiler solution is on hand to prevent a major problem for your company. But which type of temporary boiler best suits your needs? Here are three commonly offered types of temporary boilers and the pros and cons of each.

1. Skid-mounted

The skid-mounted boiler is a good all-purpose option that will suit a variety of situations. Its best features include:

  • It offers the most power for the amount of space it takes
  • It's a more affordable option, often costing less to rent than mobile boiler rooms or trailer-mounted boilers
  • It's a well-rounded solution, good for a variety of long-term industrial applications

However, the skid-mounted boiler has its shortcomings as well. These cons include:

  • Transportation; it doesn't have built-in wheels like the other two options
  • Convenience; there's no built-in office space for operators
  • Protection; equipment and employees require additional protection from the elements

2. Trailer-mounted

The trailer-mounted boiler is better suited for short-term applications and moving quickly between jobs. Its built-in transportation system makes it quick to obtain and easy to move. Pros include:

  • No cranes are required since you don't need to load and unload it
  • Trailer mounting makes it maneuverable
  • Ease of transportation streamlines the rental process 

The trailer-mounted boiler's strengths dictate which situations it'll do best in, and its weaknesses are respective to its strengths. These weaknesses include:

  • Inclement weather; the trailer-mounted boiler doesn't include protection for operating personnel like the mobile boiler room does
  • Space saving; the trailer-mounted boiler doesn't have quite as much power for the space it takes as the skid-mounted boiler
  • Cost; you may find the trailer-mounted boiler, due to its convenience, offered at a slightly higher cost level than the skid-mounted boiler

3. Temporary boiler rooms

The innovation of a temporary or mobile boiler room is often seen as the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and performance. Like the others, it has pros and cons, but it's a great solution for most situations. Pros include:

  • It's a self-contained unit that doesn't require cranes and other installation equipment
  • It includes space inside for boiler operators 
  • It provides protection from the elements for the equipment
  • It has a more attractive appearance

The mobile boiler room is a great solution for almost any industrial application. Keep in mind, though, that each type of temporary boiler has its own strengths and weaknesses. The other types may perform better in some areas, such as:

  • Space efficiency; the skid-mounted boiler still has the most power for the space
  •  Cost efficiency; the mobile boiler room may be more costly to rent due to its multitude of special features

Weighing your company's needs against the strengths of each of these three types will help you see which is best for your company's current situation. For example, if you're experiencing inclement weather, you may need a mobile boiler room to provide working space for your boiler operators while protecting them from excessive wind or cold. On the other hand, if you need a semi-permanent solution that produces the most power for the space it takes up, you may opt for the skid-mounted boiler. Use these pros and cons to help you make the important decision of which type to rent. For more information, contact a temporary boiler rental company.