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Maintenance Questions about Air Compressors Answered

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Air compressors have become common tools for a variety of professions, and while these devices are common, they can still be a major investment to make. Due to this, it is important for you to properly maintain your air compressor to ensure that you are getting the most for this investment. By developing your understanding of these devices, you can help ensure that you avoid experiencing a major mechanical problem with this device, and to this end, the following couple of questions can help guide you towards this goal. 

Why Does an Air Compressor Collect Water?

After turning off the air compressor, it is essential that you release the valve on the condensation tank. When a person fails to perform this step, they will be exposing their air compressor to a far greater chance of developing corrosion, and once this problems arises, it will be necessary to replace the entire compressor. 

This problem arises due to the fact that the compressed air is not able to retain as much water, and this will form into condensation. While this may not seem like a major issue, these devices can rapidly cause a tremendous amount of condensation to form, and this is especially true when you are using the device for an extended period of time. 

How Do You Properly Maintain an Air Compressor?

While it is important to ensure that your air compressor is properly maintained, this is not as extensive as it may seem. Outside of emptying the condensation tank after each use, checking the oil level and having it serviced at least twice a year, there is little that needs to be done to keep these devices working.

While there is little official maintenance that these units will require, it is important for you to give them a visual inspection before you use them. This inspection is designed to ensure that your unit is not starting to develop exterior corrosion or visible leaks from the engine, which can help save you from activating the device and potentially making the problems far worse. 

If you need to use a sullair air compressor, it is vital to follow the best practices when it comes to maintenance to ensure that you get a good return on this investment. By understanding the importance of draining the condensation tank and of completing a visual inspection before using the device, you can avoid some of the most common causes of failure for these tools.