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3 Facts Behind Some Of The Misconceptions Of Home Fire Sprinkler Systems

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House fires are the cause of a large number of deaths in the United States. Unfortunately, a fire alarm system simply isn't enough to prevent a possible house fire death. There is still a chance that the fire can spread too quickly for an individual to escape from the home after hearing the alarm. With a fire sprinkler system, it can help contain the fire long enough to help those who may be trapped inside to get out safely and unharmed. However, very few homes have fire sprinkler systems installed, and that's largely because of the misconceptions behind them. Here are three facts to help disprove these misconceptions:

Fire Sprinkler Systems are Too Expensive:

Installing fire sprinkler systems can be costly. However, you will see a return on those costs instantly. This is because your homeowner's insurance rates will be reduced. On top of that, should a fire occur, fire sprinkler systems reduce the amount of damages done by fire, which guarantees that making repairs or rebuilding some areas of your home is more affordable. Keep in mind, too, that you can keep the installation costs for a fire sprinkler system low by installing it at the same time you are doing another home remodeling project. 

Fire Sprinkler Systems Will Cause Water Damage:

Many homeowners believe that should they install a fire sprinkler system, they will suffer from more extensive water damage than from damage done by fire. However, keep in mind that the sprinklers will only go off in the rooms in which the fire is detected, so you won't suffer water damage in any rooms where it is just unnecessary for containing a fire. Also, keep in mind that without a fire sprinkler system, firemen are going to have to use their high-pressure water hose to take out the fire since by the time they arrive the fire will have spread significantly. This will cause much more water damage than a fire sprinkler system will. 

Fire Sprinkler Systems Go Off Accidentally:

The reason many people believe fire sprinkler systems will go off accidentally is because they have probably experienced their smoke detector going off accidentally in the past. However, fire sprinkler systems require a much higher temperature in order to be triggered, which means that they won't go off just because there is some smoke in the room. 

By knowing the facts behind the misconceptions of fire sprinkler systems, you can be sure that you are more comfortable with the idea of installing a system for your home. If you still have concerns, consider contacting a fire safety firm, such as Desert Fire Extinguisher Co Inc, with your questions. By doing this, you can save yourself from a great deal of fire damage and potentially even save your own life.