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Why You Should Choose Aluminum For Your Compressed Air Piping System

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If you work in an industrial setting, you probably understand the importance of having a compressed air line to power your tools effectively and affordably. However, if you are looking to install a new compressed air piping system, or if you are simply looking to upgrade your existing system, you could be unsure of which material for your piping.

There are a few common materials that are often used for these pipes, such as plastic, copper or galvanized steel. One option that you might not have thought about yet, however, is aluminum. These are a few reasons why aluminum can be the perfect choice for your compressed air piping systems.

Save Money

As you probably already know, the cost differences between different types of piping can be substantial. For example, although copper is a common choice for these piping systems, it can be extremely expensive. Aluminum is one of the most affordable metals out there, which makes it a very cost-effective choice for your compressed air piping needs.

Avoid Corrosion

Some metals are more prone to corrosion than others. Even if your compressed air system has a trap in place to catch the moisture, you won't be able to keep your piping completely dry. This moisture can lead to rust and corrosion with many types of piping, which can restrict airflow and can cause the need for a premature replacement. Since aluminum is more corrosion-resistant than many types of metal, this isn't as much of an issue. This means that you can enjoy better performance out of your piping system, and you won't have to replace it nearly as soon.

Make Installation Easy

If you are planning on installing your own piping system, you probably want to make installation as easy as possible. If you are hiring a pro, you probably want to cut down on labor costs. Either way, aluminum is a good choice. Since it's easily pliable and attachable, and since it does not require special tools for cutting, installation is far easier than it is with many other types of pipes.

If you are looking to install a brand new compressed air piping system in your plant, or if you just want to replace the piping in your existing system with a better option, you should at least consider using aluminum for your pipes. Although various types of pipes all have their advantages, many manufacturing plant owners find that aluminum is the best choice.